How to prepare canary milk for slimming

canary milk for slimming

This grain has a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that favor the functioning of metabolism. This is obtained mainly through the canary milk for slimming, whose preparation is very simple.

Six tablespoons of canary seeds has the proteins that contain 2 kilos of meat, without the cholesterol levels that usually contribute the excess of its consumption. This makes it become a very nutritious and complete food. All its virtues are assimilated completely in the organism.canary seed milk for weight loss


You should place about 6 tablespoons in a bowl and check that the grains have no debris or impurities. Then let it soak with a little water for at least 12 hours. It is advisable to place it overnight, so that it can be prepared the next morning.

Once this type of paste has passed, you should strain the birdseed, giving it a slight wash under the tap.  These grains are then placed in the blender and a little water is placed, and the mixture is liquefied for one minute at the highest power.

Then the rest of the liter of water is added to form the milk of the birdseed and to reliquify for three more minutes. Then let it rest, so that the scallion scale goes to the top of the liquid. The fiber will go down to stay in the resulting milk.

Then it is recommended to pass the mixture through the strainer to remove the husk, but without passing the bottom which is like a paste. In fact this is the fiber that contains many nutrients, which must be exploited

Benefits of consuming canary milk for slimming

Alpine milk is very rich in proteins, and possesses an enzyme known as lipase. This helps to remove fat from the body while decreasing inflammation of the digestive system. By disinfecting the liver that is responsible for metabolizing fats, they act more effectively.

It is not advisable to heat the milk of canary seed, because otherwise the lipase and many other important nutrients of the organism are eliminated. A glass should be taken in the morning, at noon and at night before each meal. In this way their virtues are assimilated and the body is disposed to release excess fat.

The fat burn action of canary milk for slimming helps among other virtues to burn the levels of cellulite. It is a complete food that vegan vegetarians love for good reasons. They incorporate every day, the milk of canary to lose weight.