Black Mask Cleanser: Uses, Benefits and Details you can’t miss.

black mask facial

The beauty industry does not stop and every day there are innovative products that catch our attention; this is the case of the Black Mask Cleanser boom.

You’ve probably seen it on social networks; you know, a black paste that you apply to the face, which after drying will be able to bring with it the annoying black spots that clog the pores.

This is the reality that captivates buyers every day, and the reason why different brands have formulated it to have their proposal on the market.

How do I use the Black Mask Cleanser?

Each brand has its own way of use and there are different ones in the market that vary the amount to be used or the waiting time; but in reality the application is similar in all and most of the instructions coincide; nevertheless here we give you some tips to get the most out of it for anyone you choose.

  • To begin with, it is suggested to wash the face with lukewarm water so that the pores dilate.
  • Then gently exfoliate the complexion and then rinse the face again with lukewarm water.
  • When the face is dry, apply the mask to the area with black spots. The amount depends on what the manufacturer suggests, but the layer should not be so thick, as it would take time to dry and lose effectiveness.
  • Wait for the time suggested by the brand. On average it is 20 minutes or until the product feels dry.
  • After this time it should be removed, preferably from the bottom upwards, in an anti-pore direction.
  • After that, all that remains is to wash the face again with cold water to seal the holes.

Benefits of the Black Mask

The product is of Korean origin. It has caused a stir since its launch; indeed, innovation offers several benefits among which the following stand out:

  • You use it without leaving your home.
  • You say goodbye to blackheads almost instantly.
  • Helps to remove fat and acne.
  • It is a yield product.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Tightens the complexion and smoothes the complexion.
  • It’s for women and men.
  • Has moisturizing properties
  • You will feel a clean feeling instantly.
  • It’s economical.
  • It is more powerful by removing impurities than the well-known bands with the same function.

black mask facial

Who should wear the black mask?

When it comes to fashion and new launches many are the ones that decide to try, however it is necessary to clarify that the popular black mask is not for all skin types and we explain why.

If you are one of those who suffer with blackheads, you know how cumbersome it is to fight them, but you should know that blackheads are a “superficial” consequence of accumulation of fat, dead skin, bacteria and residues that are inside the pore.

Although some masks are able to remove “the black spot”, they will not drag what is inside the pore, which is why the origin of the problem is not solved.

For this we recommend another type of treatment such as facial vaporizer, shin sucker, light dermabrasion with an exfoliating brush or other specialized products that will actually work on what causes shins.

The black mask is an external solution that cleanses the face externally, so it is a complement and not an exclusive treatment to purify your skin.

In conclusion…

The black mask is useful for people who need a quick cleaning, say before an event, although it is important to know that according to specialists its use is not recommended more than once a week, since in some types of skins can cause sensitivities, dryness and in other cases weakening of the top layer of the dermis; being this the last thing we want for the face.

If you have already tried it, tell us your experience. We are very interested in reading different opinions and experiences.

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